10 Reasons to Use White Label Travel Solution

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What is white label travel solution?

White Label is the cost efficient program designed and innovated for Travel Agents, Who are wishing to boost their income by booking holiday reservation in limited budget. White Label can go live within 15-30 business days and travel agents or DMC’s can get the best commission and fares to as compared to regular basis. Hence White Label is useful for travel agents in each and every way to increase their income.

The White Label product by Multizebra is designed in an appropriate manner so that customer can freely choose the color combinations as desired through and deep supplier relationships, your customers will have access to a worldwide inventory of hotel and airlines.

White label is the bridge between a travel agent and high revenue. This helps a travel agent to earn an abundant profit without much effort. White label benefits a travel agent in many ways and the most important factor about this travel innovation is that, it permits a travel agent to get fame too. The best innovation that travel technology has made is white label travel solution. The white label serves as a boon for travel agents. A travel agent can earn high commission and a lot of profit only with the help of a white label solution.

White label helps a travel agent to-

1. Low Investment and High Income

Multizebra’s White Label is not costly and is pocket-friendly. This will help to earn more with less investment.

2. Travel agents or DMC’s can set their focus.

One can focus and get more holiday reservations after having his/her own brand name. White Label helps a travel agent to accomplish this.

3. White Label = More Revenue

Quality matters than quantity!! And there is White Label to provide good and effective quality service. So, as a travel agent or DMC you can give awesome services which will boost your income.

4. Time Schedule= Flexible and easy.

Travel Agents can offer services to thousands of purchasers. Hence, measurability won’t be a trouble any longer. A travel agent can earn high profits by offering services to thousands of purchasers. And also, on the other hand, work as per his time schedule with an ease.

5 .Commission + Profit= Happy agent/ DMC

Overall high commission and profit will flow from each and every way!

6. Low efforts to happy customer

With Multizebra’s Packages, travel agents can earn high commission and profits and earn more income with fewer efforts.

7. Reserve Holidays as easy as spreading butter on bread.

The easy booking process and data security will help a travel agents/ DMC to book more holiday reservations leading him/ her to earn high commissions and profits.

8. View multizebra to View Success

Travel agents can view the Holiday Packages which will make their booking process worry-free.

9. Get Packages Anywhere Anytime!!

Travel agents can avail Packages search anytime anywhere.

10. Data once for all

Travel agents need to enter the data once and that’s it. Data will be saved in, through which a travel agent can make bookings without filling the data again and again.

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